Little Issue 8

November 2021 - January 2022

Hello, Readers!

This issue is crammed with stories, holiday activities and baking. Make festive holiday cookies on page 44. Don’t forget to get a grown up to help with the oven. Find out about genetics, to help understand why people look the way they do.

Follow the money on page 20 and count. Hunt for plastic objects on the beach in our pollution story on page 4. Discover the magic of dung beetles. Have you ever seen one? Turn to page 14. Enter our competitions.

You could WIN all the books featured on page 3! You could also win Miss South Africa’s book, Shudu Finds her Magic. Shudu has written a true story of how she was bullied at school.

Ask an adult to help you enter. Turn to page 8 to read all about it.

Good luck! And happy holidays!