Little Issue Video!

Welcome to the Little Issue YouTube channel, powered by Fondation Ipsen and the Bright Future Trust! We are proud to share the creations of our young, qualified animators, made specifically to enrich young minds around the world.

Each animated lesson segment is inspired by the content found in our government curriculum-aligned quarterly magazine for 6 – 9-year-olds, and purposely crafted to appeal to young learners We will be uploading at least one lesson segment per quarter.

The Little Issue magazine can be purchased from on-street Big Issue SA vendors in Cape Town, or at selected Spar, PicknPay and CNA stores outside of Cape Town. Anyone can purchase the magazine online at Every issue is available as a PDF for free download from

Shared Reading with our friends at Shine Literacy

The magazine is produced in English, French & Spanish versions and distributed to hundreds of schools, free of charge, to help improve child literacy in South Africa. Through the generous support of Fondation Ipsen, French versions are distributed to satellite sites in Nepal, Vietnam, Togo, Niger, Ivory Coast, The Gambia and Madagascar. A Spanish iPad version is distributed to children’s hospitals in Mexico City. Don’t miss our animated lessons on our YouTube channel! Subscribe to our channel now. #YoungMindsMatter Here’s how you can get involved: Help teach a child how to “Read To Learn & Learn To Read” with our #RandAMag literacy funding campaign. For every R10 raised, 1 learner will receive a FREE little issue magazine. If R100 000 is raised, then 10 000 Grade R – 3 learners will receive our government curriculum-aligned magazine, filled with puzzles, games, stories and learning exercises.